Since 2007, through the MCS Los Angeles Business Assistance Program, and more recently, through the City of Los Angeles BusinesSource System, and the Hollywood Entrepreneurship Training and Small Business Center, over 250 local entrepreneurs and small businesses have been and continue to be provided with small business start-up, growth, and expansion services, including access-to-capital, resulting in over $42 million in small business loans awarded to 55 start-ups and operating businesses, and over 800 new jobs created.  Moreover, based upon an Economic Impact Study conducted by Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI) to measure the MCS impact on the regional economy, the multiplier effects of the 800+ jobs created over a four-year span (2007-2011) created an additional 70 new jobs and a total of $46.5 million in earnings for the Greater LA region.

MCS’s newest venture is a private membership workspace. Workspace Innovation Los Angeles, or workinnLA is co-located with the Harbor BusinessSource to ensure a complimentary system for small businesses and entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs are ready to set up office space they can move into workinnLA for low cost co-working or shared office space. From a conference tables, big screen tv, free wifi, and utilities the space creates a bridge for entrepreneurs to move forward while still having a support system as member can collaborate with one another and provide business solutions as well.